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Why choose Mongolia Travel & Tours?

























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Travel to Mongolia - Horse riding tours, hiking trips and tailor made adventures


Discover Mongolia and the traditions of the nomads - Nomadic Life Experience Tours with nights in yurts / gers


Yurts of Mongolia - Mongolia Travel & Tours


Nomadic herders of Mongolia - Under the traditional yurt


Buddhist monastery of Amarbayasgalant in Mongolia (Tibetan lineage) - Mongolia Travel & Tours


Buddhist monastery of Amarbayasgalant in Mongolia (Tibetan lineage) - Mongolia Travel & Tours


A horse close to 2 nomad yurts in Mongolia


A Buddhist Monastery in Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar) in Mongolia


Horseback riding tour in the steppes of Mongolia - Hustai National Park, Orkhon Valley, Amarbayasgalant, Lake Khövsgöl, Gobi Desert - By Mongolia Travel & Tours


Horse rides in Hogno Han Park, also called the Mini Gobi, in Mongolia - By Mongolia Travel & Tours


Horses and riders in the sand dunes of the Mini Gobi in Mongolia - Equestrian holidays and horseback adventures


A nomad and his horse in front of the traditional yurt in Mongolia


Horse riding tours in Mongolia - By Mongolia Travel & Tours

Mongolia Travel & Tours is the local travel agency of the French group Randocheval / Absolu Travel.

Combine the expertise of a Mongolian travel agency to the service and safety of the biggest French agency of horseback holidays...

News from Mongolia




Horse riding tours

Transmongolia - May 16th

Orkhon Camping ride - July 20th

Orkhon comfort (yurts) ride - June 13th, July 4th, 11th and 18th, August 1st and 15th, Sept. 12th

Eagle Hunters Festival (Altai) - Sept. 12th


Hiking tours

Gobi and Steppes 13 days - July 25th


UNIQUE: 100% yurt horse riding tour!

Enjoy the fun of a horse riding tour in Mongolia with the comfort and beauty of nights in traditional yurts...

This is a real horse riding trail, NOT a stationary ride!

More about our yurt horse riding tour in the Orkhon Valley...


NEW FOR 2015 : A 13 days ride from Steppe to Gobi

This brand new ride is a first in Mongolia: from the steppes of Central Mongolia to the dunes of Bayan Gobi Desert on horseback ... with a lot of fun, as 3 days are spent with pack camels!

More about our new horseback trail in Mongolia...

Mongolia Travel & Tours...

Mongolia is a paradise, a mythical destination for travel and horse lovers...

Can you imagine riding your horse in this never ending steppe beside Mongol nomads, who know how to ride before they know how to walk?


Our mission is to fulfill your dreams, and that's why Randocheval, French leader of horseback holidays, created its own local travel agency: Mongolia Travel & Tours.


Thanks to the alliance of our structure in Mongolia and our agency in France, you benefit:


- Of the expertise of our local team, creating original and exclusive routes,


- Of the guarantees of a French travel agency and the protection of the French Law.


Horse rides in Mongolia

Horse riding trails in Mongolia - Mongolia Travel and Tours.

Horse riding trails in Mongolia, with accommodation under tents or yurts. Ride from the Orkhon Valley to the Arkhangai steppe, Khentii Mountains, Khustai Park or Khuvsgul Lake...

> More about our horse riding trails

Tailor-made tours

Tailor-made tours in Mongolia with Mongolia Travel and Tours.

If you are not a rider, discover Mongolia from your own vehicle with a driver and an English speaking guide. Our tailor-made tours take you to all the regions of Mongolia...

> More about our tailor-made tours

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris

Voyages et safaris


Discover the Nomadic Life

Discover the Nomadic Life with Mongolia Travel and Tours

Experiment the lifestyle of the nomads of Mongolia, and visit the most famous sites of the country. The experience of a lifetime, to share with your children...

> More about our "Nomadic Life" tours

Hiking and trekking tours

Hiking and Trekking tours in Mongolia

Discover Mongolia at your own pace with our trekking and hiking tours for exclusive adventure travels all around Mongolia ...

> More about our Treks and hikes

Why choose Mongolia Travel & Tours?


By its unique structure - a Mongolian company part of the same group as the French agencies Randocheval / Absolu Travel - Mongolia Travel & Tours combines the advantages of a local Mongolian agency, with the service and the guarantees of a French travel agency, at the best price!

The flexibility and the quality of a Mongol local agency

A competent local team

Yeruult, our Executive Director in Mongolia, is from Mongolia but he has been living in France for 15 years.

Therefore he knows at the same time the quality requirements of Foreign riders, and the specificities of Mongolia. It is for you the guarantee of a perfectly adapted journey.

He was also a tourist guide in Mongolia during four years, he thus knows all the constraints and the secrets of a successful trip in Mongolia!


Original and tailor-made itineraries

Our direct knowledge of the various regions of Mongolia, and small details which will enrich your journey led us to create original routes adapted to different centers of interest, because a family with children will not look for the same journey as a couple of sportsmen or lovers of the Buddhist culture!


A quality camping equipment and horse tack

Mongolia Travel & Tours has its own camping equipment and its own tack for the horses you will ride.

This equipment was selected by Yeruult according to his years of experience as a guide, and it is regularly renewed, so that you always benefit of a perfectly adapted equipment.


English speaking guides and private drivers

Our English-speaking guides were selected for their level of knowledge of the English language, of course, but also for their knowledge of Mongolia, and their human capacity to make you share their love of the nomadic culture and the incomparable natural spaces of Mongolia.



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The service and safety of an official French travel agency

All the package tours arranged by Mongolia Travel & Tours are marketed by our French sister-company, the travel agency Absolu Travel, also owner of the brand Randocheval, French leader of horseback holidays all over the world.

You avoid expensive intermediaries and you have a contact in France, bringing you numerous advantages.


Consumer protection

Our French sister-company Absolu Travel / Randocheval has a travel agent's license, which guarantees the funds deposited in our agency by our customers.

A reservation made with a local agency offers you no guarantee if you are not satisfied with your journey, and the paid amounts would be impossible to recover in case of failure of the local agency.

For all the details of these guarantees, consult the page "our guarantees".


The knowledge of the requirements of European riders

Our presence both in Europe an in Mongolia, allows us to know the expectations of European and American riders, while offering the quality of a tour really organized on the spot by a Mongol team.


The ease of a contact in France

We are reachable 6 days a week for any question relative to your journey, during the European office hours.

No time difference for your questions, you get the answers quickly.


An easy and secured payment

Based in France, we accept bank transfers, credit card …













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